Looking for answers?  Most questions can be answered quickly by searching our Frequently Asked Questions.

  • Can I use the pool cards left for me by the previous owner?
    When a resident sells their property, the pool cards are deactivated by the Cinco Associations Office.  If the previous owner leaves you their pool cards you may come to the Cinco Associations Office and have them reactivated.  If the cards are damaged or the serial numbers are not readable, you will be required to purchase a new card. The Cinco Associations official pool cards are white without any emblems. Older access cards cannot be reactivated.
  • Can I rent the pool for a birthday party?
    Cinco Ranch (Cinco I) pool rental is managed by the professional pool management company, 'A-Beautiful Pools'.  Click here or call 281-376-6510 to book a pool party. Residents must be in good financial standing in order to rent a pool.
  • Can I reserve a field for league practice?
    Cinco Ranch Resident Coaches may reserve a field for league practice if they meet the requirements approved by the CRPA Board of Directors.  You will find the forms and requirements on this web site under Amenities/League Play Athletic Fields.
  • Can I reserve a park or playground for a birthday party?
    Parks and playgrounds are not available for rent. They are considered "open space" and are for the use of all Cinco Ranch (Cinco I) residents and their guests. The parks and playgrounds in Cinco Ranch (Cinco I) are on a first come first serve basis.  Parks are open for use from 6am to 10pm seven (7) days a week.  If your event has music, please be respectful of the surrounding neighborhood.
  • Can I use the Cinco Southwest (Cinco II) pools and tennis courts?
    Cinco Ranch (Cinco I) and Cinco Southwest (Cinco II) have a shared use agreement that is reviewed every few years. All residents of Cinco I and Cinco II have access to all pools, tennis courts, Lake House Rental, hike and bike trails, and numerous parks and sports fields.  
  • How do I get a copy of the waiver for the pools?
    Click here for the pool usage waiver form.  A completed waiver is required to enter the facility.
  • How do I get pool keys for the Cinco Ranch amenities?
    If you are a new resident to Cinco Ranch (Cinco I), you will need your closing documents, picture ID and a personal check or money order for payment.  We do not accept debit or credit cards.  If you have lost your key or just need an additional key, please bring your picture ID along with payment to the Cinco Associations Office (3022 Windemere Park Lane, Katy, TX 77494 between the hours of 9am and 5pm). Pool cards are $25.00 each.
    If you are leasing a home in Cinco I, a Tenant Registration Form (TRF) is required for renters to access all amenities of the community including pool passes. The form must be signed by the property owner and tenant.  This form requires all occupants to agree to abide by the Governing Documents and the Cinco Associations rules and regulations. Along with the TRF, a copy of the signed lease agreement, picture ID and payment is required.  There is a 4 card maximum per household. 
    Residents and Tenants are allowed 4 guests per card.  If you have additional questions, please contact the Onsite Management Team using the Contact Us form.
    For Cinco II Residents (West of Katy Gaston): Please visit or call your HOA Office (25202 Springwood Lake Drive, Katy, TX 77494; 231-394-7195; Mon, Wed, Fri) to obtain pool keys. You can also visit the Pools page on the Cinco II website for more information.
  • How do I make a tennis reservation?
    Tennis reservations for the ten (10) Cinco I tennis courts may be made two weeks in advance at Cinco Ranch online court reservations.  You will need to obtain a user name and password before you reserve a court for the first time.  Open a request in Town Square or contact the Management Team using the Contact Us form.  It may take up to 2 business days to verify residency and receive your user name and password. There is no charge to reserve the courts.
    Click here for information about the tennis courts in Cinco II.
  • Who do I contact if my pool key does not work at Cinco II pools?
    If you are a Cinco I resident, and your key works in Cinco I but not in Cinco II, you will need to take your key to the Cinco Associations Office (3022 Windemere Park Lane Katy, TX 77494) Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm to be verified.
  • Who do I contact if my pool key stops working at the pools?
    If your access key does not work at one of the pools, parks or tennis courts, please try it at another gate.  If you find the key still does not work on the Cinco I amenity gates, bring your key to the Cinco Associations Office with your picture ID to exchange the key.  If the key is physically damaged, you will have to purchase a new one.  We do not replace damaged keys.  

Community Utilities
  • What Municipal Utility District (MUD) do I live in?
    Cinco Ranch is not within the city limits of Katy, therefore your water is provided by a Municipal Utility District (MUD). Click here to be taken to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) water districts map viewer to determine which MUD district provides water to your address. Enter your address in the search window, and then click on the map. The information on your MUD district will open in a separate window.
    Or you can use the interactive map on our Community Maps page to locate your neighborhood.  
  • How do I find out more information about Municipal Utility Districts (MUDs)?
    Please click here to learn more about Municipal Utility Districts.
  • Who are the water management companies for Cinco Ranch (Cinco I)?
    There are two water management companies in Cinco Ranch, Inframark (281-579-4500) and SI Environmental (832-490-1601). Depending upon which MUD provides water to your home, the water management company will either be Inframark or SI Environmental. Some of the water management company's responsibilities are reading and auditing water meters, repairs and maintenance, and billing and collections.
  • How safe is our drinking water?
    Inframark (281-579-4500) and SI Environmental (832-490-1601) provide Annual Reports on the excellent quality of water provided to our residents. Please contact the companies directly for the latest information.
  • What is reclaimed water?
    Why are some water pipes purple and others white? Click here for more information.
  • What is an "even-odd" watering schedule?
    There may arise the need to declare a voluntary or mandatory watering schedule to conserve water due to lack of rainfall and high temperatures. The County will make the declaration and alert the community. If your house address ends in an even number you are permitted to water on even days, and if your address ends in a odd number you are asked to water on an odd day. Notices will be placed throughout the community by the County.
  • What waste products should not be flushed or poured in the drain.
    There are various items that should not be flushed or poured in a drain. Prescription drugs are extremely dangerous for the water supply. Sewage treatment facilities are not capable of filtering or removing residual pharmaceuticals; which are then released into our oceans, rivers and lakes. Small amounts of prescription drugs have been found in tap water.
    1. Prescription Drugs
    2. Floss
    3. Grease, Oil and Fat
    4. Band Aids
    5. Disposable / Flushable Wipes
    6. Disposable Diapers
    7. Tampons and Pads
    8. Paper Towels
    9. Kitty Litter
  • Who do I contact if our street lights are out?
    CenterPoint Energy maintains the street lights throughout our electric service area.  Click here for information about reporting a street light outage - to complete this form you will need the pole number(s) of the non-functioning light(s).
    If you need to report a power outage please call 713-207-2222 or 800-332-7143, or view the Outage Tracker for current electric outage information.
  • Who handles mosquito spraying for the Association? When do they spray?
    The Association's mosquito control contractor is Cypress Creek Mosquito Control. The current schedule for Cinco I is Thursday evenings (dusk to dawn).

  • Does the Association pay for additional Constable patrols?
    Yes, Cinco Residential Property Association has an annual contract with the Constables to ensure our community has additional patrols.
  • How are homeowner assessments determined?
    Every year the Board of Directors, Finance Committee, Neighborhood Representatives and Onsite Management staff work together to create a zero-based budget based on the contractual, maintenance and replacement needs of the Association. The Board of Directors reviews and approves the final budget for the Association. The approved annual budget is communicated via the community website, Town Square (TownSq), resident e-blasts, and annual assessment statements. Assessments are due every year by December 31st and become delinquent January 31st without exception. If you do not receive the Annual Assessment statement by December 1st, contact the Onsite Management Team immediately for a statement copy using the Contact Us form.  
    Fees are mandatory and the method of assessments is dictated in the governing documents. The goal of the Board of Directors and the Finance Committee is to develop a budget that meets our immediate needs and future reserve expenditures. The Cinco Residential Property Association has one of the lowest assessments in Texas for an Association of our size and number of amenities offered.
  • How do I know if I live in Cinco I or Cinco II?
    Visit the Community Maps page and locate your address in the interactive map.
  • How do I report a lost or found item?
    The Association maintains a Lost and Found service to reunite residents with their misplaced items. Visit the Lost and Found page (located under the Information tab) and click on the link to submit a posting, or you can come into the Association office (address listed at the bottom of the page).
    Found items will be retained for 45 days, and if identifiable, the Management Company will attempt to contact the owner.
  • Is notary service available at the Cinco Associations office?
    Notary service is available for Cinco Ranch (Cinco I) residents at the Cinco Associations office (3022 Windemere Park Lane, Katy, TX 77494, Monday through Friday 9am to 12pm and 2pm to 5pm). The service is free for a maximum of 2 documents per 30 day period for each residence. In order to ensure a notary is available, please contact the Onsite Management Team using the Contact Us form for an appointment. 
  • What are the specific duties of the CRPA Board of Directors?
    The Board of Directors is considered the executive branch of the Association, and as such has certain powers and duties necessary to ensure that the day-to-day responsibilities of the Association are carried out. These powers and duties are outlined in the Governing Documents and include, but are not limited to, developing the annual budget and setting assessments, promulgating and enforcing rules and regulations, administering the architectural scheme of the community and regulating exterior appearance of the homes (through the Covenant Advisory Committee, the Modification Committee and Management), and providing the necessary personnel and contractor services to maintain all commonly owned property and facilities.
    Details concerning the responsibilities, powers, and duties of the Board of Directors may be found in the Cinco Residential Property Association's Articles of Incorporation, Declaration of Protective Covenants, and By-Laws.
  • Where is my Association Office?
    The Cinco Associations Office is located at 3022 Windemere Park Lane; three (3) blocks north of Cinco Ranch Blvd on Westheimer Parkway.  Click here to view the interactive map at the bottom of our homepage.

Grounds and Common Areas
  • How do I report fountain or lake issues?
    Please login to Town Square and open a request. Provide the location and as much information as possible to fully understand and address the issue.
  • How do I report trash or bandit signs in the common areas?
    Our Landscape Company and Onsite Maintenance Contractor remove bandit signs on the property. If you notice signs in your neighborhood please login to Town Square and open a request. We will have them removed and contact the company or group that installed the signs.
  • How do I request maintenance for the common area trash cans, pet refuse stations, etc.?
    Please login to Town Square and open a request. Please provide as much information as possible. You will receive a response within 36 hours.
  • I just saw an alligator near/in the lake. Who should I contact?
    We are fortunate to have beautiful lakes and native areas. Everyone needs to be aware that we have significant wildlife and signage is posted for your benefit. Please do not feed any of the wildlife and maintain distance. Several of our alligators are quite large and have been highlighted on the local news. If an alligator is near a residence or park, maintain significant distance and contact the local police immediately.
    Click here for additional information on alligator safety.
  • Who do I contact for dead animals in the street or common area?
    In most cases, Animal Control Officers will remove dead stray animals from public property (except freeways) within 72 hours. Smaller dead wildlife may be brought to one of the area shelters for disposal.  Visit the links for Fort Bend County or Harris County for more information.
    Dead animals located on freeways and feeder roads are handled by the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT).  Contact TXDOT directly at 713-802-5000 or click here to submit a request.  Select "Road debris/litter/dead animal" listed in the "Contact Reason" dropdown.
  • Who do I contact for unleashed animals?
    Cinco Ranch (Cinco I) requires all animals to be on a leash when out on the property. We ask that owners be good neighbors and properly dispose of animal excrement. If you notice a stray or unleashed animal or have concerns that an animal it is creating an unsafe environment contact Fort Bend County Animal Control at 281-342-1512.
  • Who do I contact if I suspect a common area tree is dead or diseased?
    Please login to Town Square and open a request. Provide the tree's location and as much information as possible so we can respond accordingly.
  • Who do I contact to report irrigation issues in the community?
    If you notice an irrigation leak during Cinco Associations business hours (Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm) please call our office at 281-599-0408.  If it is after hours, a weekend or on a holiday please call or text the emergency after hours phone number 713-398-0869.  Please note the location, and you can also include a picture.
  • Who is responsible for crosswalk street striping, curb repairs or dangerous common area sidewalks/trails?
    Depending upon the location, either Fort Bend County or Harris County is responsible.
  • Who is responsible for maintenance of the benches, markers, metal and brick fencing, pools, etc.?
    The Management Company's Facilities Manager coordinates maintenance activities within Cinco Ranch (Cinco I).  If you have any maintenance questions, suggestions or concerns please open a request in Town Square or contact the Management Team using the Contact Us form. Provide the location and as much information as possible, so the concern can be properly answered and addressed.
  • Who maintains the common area grass, trees, flowers and shrubs?
    The CRPA and CLMA maintain the landscaping for Cinco I. If you have any landscaping questions, suggestions or concerns please open a request in Town Square or contact the Management Team using the Contact Us form.
  • Who owns the sidewalk in front of my residence?
    The sidewalk in front of the home is the responsibility of the owner. Please refer to your property deed for additional information and verification.
  • Who is responsible for the maintenance of the existing corner lot common area trees outside the walls?
    The Cinco Association maintains common area trees outside of walls and fences. If a branch or limb is encroaching on your property, please login to Town Square and open a request.

Modification Information
  • Can I submit a modification application online?
    Cinco I residents can submit a modifications application online in Town Square.  Login to Town Square and complete the fillable modifications application. Save the completed form. Open a modifications request, attach the completed application form and required supplemental documents, and submit.  Modification applications will not be considered unless they are complete.  Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.
  • Can I visit the office and have someone review my application?
    The Onsite staff is not qualified to evaluate home improvement design plans, roofing materials, paint samples, etc.  The Management Team will review your application and ensure it is complete before submission to the Modifications Committee for approval. If you are having difficulty with your Modification application, please open a request for assistance in Town Square (TownSq). All incomplete applications will be mailed back to the resident for resubmission. Due to the volume of submissions and liability, we must communicate in writing. We are not able to call residents. 
  • Can my contractor submit my modification application on my behalf?
    No. Contractors cannot submit an application on the homeowner's behalf. It is the homeowner's responsibility to gather the information from their contractor and submit the completed application. The application is an agreement between the Cinco Associations and the homeowner - not the contractor. 
  • My neighbor and I are replacing our wood fence at the same time. Do both residents need to submit an application?
    Yes. Whenever replacing a good neighbor (shared) fence with your neighbor, both residents are required to submit applications.  If you are paying for the fence without the assistance of your neighbor, or cannot contact/locate your neighbor- submit your application and state the circumstances.  This could result in a delayed approval while the Management Team attempts to contact the neighbor. 
  • This is my home, why do I need to ask permission to improve my home?
    Cinco Ranch (Cinco I) is a deeded community, and the governing documents mandate that each resident maintain their property in accordance with these guidelines for the benefit of all residents. The Modification Committee is an advisory group to the Board of Directors. Their purpose is to ensure the Cinco standards are upheld and maintain property values in the neighborhood.
    The Cinco Associations' efforts are intended to help residents maintain their property values through consistent deed restriction enforcement. Residents must submit a Modification Request Form for all exterior work.  This includes changes to exterior paint palettes, windows, irrigation systems, landscaping changes, patios, pools, outdoor kitchens, permanent basketball hoops, play structures, and trampolines. 
  • What is the process to submit an emergency modification application?
    We realize that inclement weather, fire, water damage, etc. may result in the need to repair your home immediately to mitigate additional damage and or secure your possessions. Complete a modification application as soon as possible and notate it as an "EMERGENCY". The Board of Directors has authorized the Modifications Committee to expedite these requests.  The expedited process for completed applications varies from 3 to 5 business days. 
  • When is a modification application required?
    All modifications, additions or alterations done to the exterior of the home (front yard and back yard) requires approval from the Modifications Committee before beginning any construction. If you are unsure, please review the helpful instructions that are attached to the modification application or login to Town Square and open a request for the Modifications Administrator. 
  • When is the deadline to submit a completed application for the Committee to review?
    Completed applications are due the 1st Friday of every month in order to be considered during the current month's Modifications Committee review meeting.
  • When will I be notified of the Committee's decision regarding my modification application?
    All modification request decisions are mailed to the resident the day after the Modifications Committee meets via US mail to the address listed on the application. Due to the current Cinco Associations guidelines, the Management Team is not permitted to provide verbal approvals or denials via email or over the phone. 
  • Are above ground pools permitted in Cinco Ranch (Cinco I)?
    The Supplemental Architectural Modification Guidelines for the Cinco Residential Property Association, Inc. (Section C.7.f) state that portable or permanent above ground swimming pools are strictly prohibited.
  • Can I change the color of my front door to an accent color? If so, what paint colors are allowed?
    Residents are allowed to paint their front door as an accent color as long as the color is harmonious with the current color scheme of the property.  Bright or pastel colors are not permitted.  Please refer to the Supplemental Architectural Modifications Guidelines (Section C - Development Standards, Subsection 1 - Exterior Painting) for more information.  
    A modifications application must be completed and approval received from the Modifications Committee prior to commencing work.

Streets and Parking
  • What vehicles are not allowed to park in the community?
    Certain vehicles are not allowed to park in Cinco I.  Commercial vehicles, vehicles with commercial writing on their exteriors, vehicles primarily used or designed for commercial purposes, tractors, mobile homes, recreational vehicles, trailers (either with or without wheels), campers, camper trailers, boats and other watercraft, and boat trailers shall only be parked in enclosed garages or areas, if any, designated by the Board of Directors or by the Neighborhood Association. (Declaration of Protective Covenants Article XII, Section 2b)
    If your vehicle has business markings, please conceal the markings with a plain placard.
  • Are homeowners permitted to park cars on the street in front of their residence?
    Street parking is prohibited in Cinco Ranch (Cinco I). Residents and guest vehicles must be parked within the resident's garage or in the driveway without blocking the sidewalk. In the event that the driveway is full, street parking is allowed for guests of the resident. A periodic service provider that is providing a service to a resident's home (e.g. cable, electrician, plumber, etc) may park in the street, but this provision does not apply to a caregiver or domestic help that provides services to the resident on a routine basis unless they have a magnetic door sign visible to vehicles driving by. Official law enforcement vehicles (e.g. city, county or state) that are clearly identified as such, or emergency vehicles providing services to a home, including but not limited to fire or emergency medical services are permitted to park in the street.
    The Board of Directors may grant temporary variances to the provision as it deems appropriate and necessary in its sole discretion. The Board of Directors may require vehicles granted a temporary variance to maintain a pass prominently displayed in or on the vehicle so as to be easily identified.    
  • Is there a restriction on short term parking of RVs owned by residents or visitors?
    Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are not permitted to park overnight in Cinco I. They must be stored offsite.
  • How do I request a variance to park in front of my residence?
    In extenuating circumstances, an application may be submitted for a temporary street parking pass.  Login to Town Square and open a request.
  • Are residents allowed to park vehicles on common grounds?
    Residents are not allowed to park vehicles on the Cinco Associations common grounds. Any subsequent cost to repair landscaping and irrigation system damages will be charged to the residents and/or their guests.
  • Who owns and maintains the streets in Cinco Ranch (Cinco I)?
    Depending on the location, Fort Bend County or Harris County is responsible for the maintenance and striping of the public streets. Streets within the gated neighborhoods are considered private and are maintained by the Association and funded from the neighborhood's reserves.

Town Square (TownSq)
  • What is Town Square (TownSq)?
    Town Square (TownSq) is the leading, global technology solution for better community living, and offers flexibility with both computer and mobile based applications. TownSq is designed to help you connect with your neighbors, collaborate with your management team and stay up to date on community happenings – anytime, anywhere, and on any device.
    TownSq can provide answers to your account management questions 24/7 in coordination with our public website. Residents can submit work orders, register for community events, vote on important topics and/or just check in with their neighbors.
    Residents Can:
    • Easily communicate with neighbors, community managers, and board members
    • Manage their account and pay online
    • Get up to date community news and events
    • Request and review the status of service inquiries
    • Participate in community polls
    • Communicate with their designated Neighborhood Representative
    • RSVP for events
    • Locate and review our amazing facilities and amenities. Access governing documents and financial reports
    • View open violations on your account
    • Provide suggestions to the various committees and get involved.
  • How do I register for TownSq?
    Click here to register Town Square (TownSq) or download the TownSq App from your mobile device.  Registration is easy and only requires your email address and your account number (found on your HOA invoice). If you cannot locate your account number please contact the Management Team using the Contact Us form.
    Click here to watch a video on how to download the TownSq App.
  • How do I pay my HOA assessment in TownSq?
    To pay your HOA assessment online, you will first need to register in Town Square (TownSq).  Click here to register TownSq or download the TownSq App from your mobile device.  Registration is easy and only requires your email address and your account number (found on your HOA invoice).  If you do not have your account number, please contact the Management Team using the Contact Us form.
    Once you have registered in TownSq you will be able to pay your assessment online, as well as receive other resident-only information.
  • How do I make a payment on my computer or mobile device?
    From a computer:
    Login to Town Square (TownSq).  From the top of the home page, select the account you would like to make a payment on.  Click “make a payment” to choose from a menu of options:  pay your open balance, set up a recurring payment or make a one-time custom payment.
    From a mobile device:
    Open the TownSq App.  From the top of the homepage, choose the account you would like to make a payment on.
    Click “make a payment” to choose from a menu of options:  pay your open balance, set up a recurring payment or make a one-time custom payment.
    Click here to watch a video on how to make a payment using TownSq. Should you encounter a problem or have a payment question, click here to email the TownSq support team.
  • Will I incur a fee for making a payment in TownSq?
    When making credit card payments online, there is a $2.95 convenience fee plus 3.5% of the total payment amount. This fee is based on your assessment and varies by Association. When making a payment via E-Check, there is a $2.95 convenience fee.
    Associa is the managing agent that facilitates payments between the homeowner and the Association. Associa provides a technology solution for this payment process and the fee charged is an online technology convenience fee charged by a PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliant credit card company.
  • What is PCI Compliance?
    The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) applies to all companies that accept credit card payments.  If a company intends to accept card payments, store, process and transmit cardholder data, that data must be hosted securely with a PCI compliant hosting provider.
  • Are there any payment options that don't include online fees?
    Yes.  Associa offers payment options that do not include online technology convenience fees.
    • Physical check/lockbox payment 
    Homeowners can mail a physical check, money order or cashiers check to the following address:
    Cinco Residential Property Association, Inc.
    C/O New First Bank
    PO Box 1727
    Richmond, Texas 77406-0444
    Please include your account number and allow 7-10 days for processing to prevent late fees and interest.
    • ACH payment:
    Online Billpay can differ from bank to bank.  Homeowners must contact their bank to set up and authorize payments to be automatically withdrawn.
  • How is the data on TownSq used and stored? Is it secure?
    Our goal is to improve communication and provide 24/7 access to the information you want. Analytics data (number of users, frequency of visits, type of interaction, etc.) is only leveraged to improve the user experience. Understanding what features and content are most popular helps us continually improve the solutions we deliver.
    To maximize the security of sensitive information and assets, Town Square (TownSq) has a suite of technology solutions:
    • Security and protection of funds
    • Transparency
    • Efficiency
    • Organization
    • Best in class processes
    • Segregation of duties
    • GAAP compliance
    All information in TownSq and the C3 billing system is maintained in a physically secure data center and complies with local ordinances concerning data protection. Personal and confidential information in TownSq and C3 is never shared or sold to anyone. The CRPA Board of Directors agreed/approved the use of TownSq and C3 based on the following criteria:
    Key Details:
    • Multiple layers of security with constant surveillance and biometric access control
    • Housed in a nearly indestructible bunker
    • Reliable backup power source
    • Multiple communication providers
    • Independently regulated and certified at the highest levels
    • Firewall and intrusion protection
    • Data storage with tightly controlled access permissions and backup redundancy
    • Compliant with stringent industry standard programs (SOC 1/ISAE 3402, SOC 2, SOC 3; FISMA, DIACAP, and FedRAMP; PCI DSS Level 1; ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27018; and multiple other security and compliance protocols)
    • independent third-party attestation for all industry certifications
    • Numerous physical safeguards to secure data centers from unauthorized access
    • Rigorous screening and background checks for all data center employees
    • Encryption of all sensitive data, such as user passwords
    • Contingency planning and incident response playbooks to continually monitor risks
    • Data sanitization of all decommissioned equipment
    • All data in motion is SSL encrypted

Trash and Recycling
  • My trash service provider is Best Trash. What are the trash pickup days for my neighborhood?
    Best Trash 281.313.2378          
    Neighborhood Garage Curb Service Day Recycling Bulk Day
    Arbor on WillowFork
      x Mon/Thur Monday Thursday
    Bayou Crossing   x Mon/Thur Monday Thursday
    Bayou Oaks   x Mon/Thur Monday Thursday
    Bayou Pines   x Mon/Thur Monday Thursday
    Bayou Wood   x Mon/Thur Monday Thursday
    Barrington Park x   Tue/Fri Tuesday Friday
    Canterbury Village   x Tue/Fri Tuesday Friday
    Creek Bend Crossing   x Mon/Thur Monday Thursday
    Crescent Ridge   x Mon/Thur Monday Thursday
    Eagles Creek   x Mon/Thur Monday Thursday
    Fieldstone   x Mon/Thur Monday Thursday
    GreenBriar   x Mon/Thur Monday Thursday
    Greenway Village x   Mon/Thur Monday Thursday
    Hunters Glen   x Mon/Thur Monday Thursday
    Laurel Springs   x Mon/Thur Monday Thursday
    Meadow Place   x Mon/Thur Monday Thursday
    Meadow Glen   x Mon/Thur Monday Thursday
    Meadow Green   x Mon/Thur Monday Thursday
    Parkland Place   x Mon/Thur Monday Thursday
    Pine Grove   x Mon/Thur Monday Thursday
    Prairie Grove   x Mon/Thur Monday Thursday
    Saddlebrook Crossing   x Mon/Thur Monday Thursday
    Shadow Pointe   x Mon/Thur Monday Thursday
    South Park   x Tue/Fri Monday Friday
    Summer Point   x Mon/Thur Monday Thursday
    Sunset Landing   x Mon/Thur Monday Thursday
    Woodhaven   x Mon/Thur Monday Thursday
    Legacy Place   x Wed/Sat Saturday  
    Logan Hollow   x Wed/Sat Saturday  
    SomerGlen   x Wed/Sat Saturday  
    Summer Sage   x Wed/Sat Saturday  
    Wren Creek   x Wed/Sat Saturday  
  • My trash service provider is Texas Pride. What are the trash pickup days for my neighborhood?
    Texas Pride 281.342.8178          
    Neighborhood Garage Curb Svc Day Recycling Bulk  Day
    Bentgreen Place   x Tues/Fri Tuesday Everyday
    Briar Terrace   x Tues/Fri Tuesday Everyday
    North Lake Village (Cambridge Crossing)   x Tues/Fri Tuesday Everyday
    Fairway Manor   x Tues/Fri Tuesday Everyday
    Greenwood Grove   x Tues/Fri Tuesday Everyday
    Indian Ridge   x Tues/Fri Tuesday Everyday
    Indian Springs   x Tues/Fri Tuesday Everyday
    Lake Pointe   x Tues/Fri Tuesday Everyday
    Sage Meadows   x Tues/Fri Tuesday Everyday
    Somerset   x Tues/Fri Tuesday Everyday
    Spring chase   x Tues/Fri Tuesday Everyday
    Stanford Park   x Tues/Fri Tuesday Everyday
    Sterling Ridge   x Tues/Fri Tuesday Everyday
    Sutters Way   x Tues/Fri Tuesday Everyday
    North Lake Village (Turnberry Meadow)   x Tues/Fri Tuesday Everyday
    Wellington Place   x Tues/Fri Tuesday Everyday
  • My trash service provider is WCA. What are the trash pickup days for my neighborhood?
    Waste Corporation of America 281.368.8397          
    Neighborhood Garage Curb Service Day Recycle Bulk Day
    Autumn Grove
    x   Mon/Thur Thursday Thursday
    Bayou Forest
      x Tue/Fri Tuesday Friday
    Bayou Parks Estates
    x   Tue/Fri Tuesday Friday
    Briar Chase
      x Tue/Fri Tuesday Friday
    Cottage Grove
      x Tue/Fri Tuesday Friday
      x Tue/Fri Tuesday Friday
      x Tue/Fri Tue/Fri Friday
    Lamplight Village
    x   Mon/Thur Mon/Thur Thursday
    Meadow Grove
      x Tue/Fri Tuesday Friday
    Meadow Ridge
    x   Mon/Fri Mon/Thur Thursday
    North Lake Village (Brentwood)
    x   Mon/Fri Monday Friday
    North Lake Village (Andover Green)
      x Tue/Fri Tuesday Friday
    North Lake Village (Brentwood Glen)
      x Mon/Fri Monday Friday
    Park Hollow
      x Mon/Thur Monday Thursday
    Park Trace
      x Mon/Thur Monday Thursday
    Park View
      x Mon/Thur Monday Thursday
    Prestwick Estates
      x Tue/Fri Tuesday Friday
    Shadow Bend (Back door service)
        Mon/Thur Monday Thursday
    South Lake Village
    x   Tue/Thur Tuesday Friday
    The Retreat
      x Tue/Thur Tuesday Tue/Fri
    University Place
      x Tue/Fri Tuesday Friday
  • Where do I find additional information on my trash service?
    Residents should have all trash ready for pickup by 7:00am. Please refer to the Neighborhood Trash Contract for additional information.
    Best Trash: Visit www.best-trash.com or call 281-313-2378 for information on the holiday schedule, bulk and heavy trash, recycling and frequently asked questions.
    WCA Waste Corporation: Visit www.wcawaste.com or call 281-368-8397 for information on the holiday schedule, recycling, bulk and heavy trash, starting or stopping service, ordering a container, etc.
    Texas Pride: Visit www.texaspridedisposal.com or call 281-342-8178 for information on the holiday schedule, containers, service, bulk and heavy trash, recycling, etc.
  • Where is the nearest recycling or disposal center?
    There are various agencies that accept recycling. Please check our Community Links and Numbers page to obtain a list of items that they will accept, hours and fees.
    Fort Bend County Recycling 1200 Blume Rd, Rosenberg, TX 77471 281-633-7581
    Items accepted: Paint, Stains, Household Cleaners, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Aerosol Products, Pesticides, Herbicides, Pool Chemicals, Florescent light bulbs, gasoline, flammable liquids, Mercury (thermometers and thermostats), etc. Pricing is $1 per gallon up to 14 gallons, and $5 per gallon over 15 gallons.
    Several other recycling facilities are listed below:
    Katy Recycling Center 1011 Katyland Dr, Katy, TX 77493 281-391-4455
    Katy Scrap Metal 27239 Highway Blvd, Katy, TX 77494 832-904-5865
    Waller County Recycle Facility 32159 Morton Rd, Brookshire, TX 77423 281-391-2009
  • Who can I call to donate items that will pickup from my home?
    There are several groups that will pick up items from your home. 
    College Hunks Hauling 281-918-8134
    Harbor Ministries 713-947-2469
    Houston Helping Hands 832-528-3133
    Salvation Army 1-800-728-7825